It’s the final countdown…

And so finalists have sat/are sitting exams and we fourth years will, perish the thought, be just about one year away from sitting our finals and going off to be freshly qualified disingenuous responsible, dare I say, junior doctors. A “Dr” title appearing in front of our names overnight, giving us all the semblance of being ready to be swallowed enslaved employed  by the NHS as respected medical professionals.
And so I’ve decided to start a little personal ‘experiment’. (ok technically not experiment, but bear with me).
Our final year, phase 3, ‘apprenticeship’, (or however you want to call it) is supposed to help us breach that ultimate gap between medical school and FY1. So I thought I’d start ‘compiling’ my thoughts throughout the coming year and then look back and ‘reflect’ (don’t you all love that buzzword?) on what’s happened/what I’ve learned I was meant to learn. Hopefully providing humorous anecdotes and snide snarky other such remarks about this next year.

It would be great to get some feedback and thoughts from any of you out there who grace me with your readership

See you all on the other side.

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